Monday, May 23, 2022
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Terry Tolls Skyrocket To $46 On I-66

Remember that time Democrats saw their much ballyhooed Terry Tolls get implemented on I-66 in Northern Virginia, and said that they would never reach $15?

Taylor Believes A Deal Can Be Made On Border Security, DACA

As the White House pushes for immigration reform and funding for border security, Congressman Scott Taylor believes a deal can be made on DACA.

House Democrats Announce Safe Virginia Initiative Gun Control Tour

After Speaker Cox forms the Select Committee on School Safety analyzing school violence, House Democrats launch Safe Virginia Initiative gun control tour.
happy hour

Restaurateur Files First Amendment Lawsuit Against VA Happy Hour Laws

A Virginia restaurant has filed a First Amendment lawsuit against the Commonwealth's "happy hour" laws that ban advertisements.

Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 May Crash Easter Sunday

As its orbital decay comes to completion, the Chinese Taingong-1 space station will make its impact with Earth Easter weekend.

Russian Diplomats Expelled By Trump As Tensions Flare

An unprecedented number of Russian diplomats have been expelled by President Trump and EU leaders after tensions with Vladimir Putin and the West flare.
extreme vetting

State Department Announces Extreme Vetting With Social Media History

President Donald Trump's campaign promise of "extreme vetting" is now being forwarded by the State Department as they will check traveler's social media.

Virginia Healthcare Reform Shows $6,500 Cost Cutting Potential Per Patient

As Medicaid expansion looms over Virginia lawmakers, Governor Northam's Heath and Human Services secretary says he wants to decrease healthcare costs.

Virginia Elections Board Revises Ballots; Political Ad Complaint Process

The Virginia Elections Board has revised ballots, making clear instructions on voting and created a better process for addressing political ad complaints.

Virginia Beach Man Threatens To Kill Rep. Scott Taylor Over Marijuana Policy

A Virginia Beach man identified as Wallace "Wally" Godwin has been charged with threatening to murder Congressman Scott Taylor.