Friday, January 21, 2022
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Mason Dixon Poll Shows 55% of Virginians Support Offshore Drilling

Virginia's energy future has the full-throated support of taxpayers according to the latest Mason Dixon poll, with 59% in favor of offshore drilling.

Virginia Democrats Defy Bipartisanship And Vote Against Their Own Party

After screaming about wanting more representation in the House of Delegates, Democrats shove bipartisanship back in the face of Republicans.

Virginia’s Medicaid Debate Begins To Take Form

With numbers showing that health care expansion is popular, whether it is a net benefit or breaks the bank depends on the how-to.

NOVA Democrats Abandon I-66 Reform

Democrats must be held accountable for making promises to voters about transportation in NOVA. Republicans are the only ones working to fix I-66.

To Fix Teacher’s Pay, Standardize The Pay Scale Across Virginia

Want a simple solution to Governor Northam's call to raise teacher salaries in Virginia? Set one standardized pay scale across the board.
dawn adams

2001 AG Opinion: Dawn Adams Is Violating The Hatch Act

Delegate Dawn Adams is in open violation of the Hatch Act, administering $53 million in federal funds while drawing down a $117,810 salary.

Bitcoin Decline Could Be Beginning Of Road To $25,000

Fears of the Bitcoin bubble bursting are starting to arise amid an 18 percent drop in January. However, it may be the beginning of the road to $25,000

Charlottesville Businesses Are Suffering Dramatically Thanks To Lee Statue Fight

Charlottesville's Lee Statue -- under tarp since August 2017 -- continues to be emblematic of the city's capacity for dysfunction rather than resistance. 

Underperformer Don Beyer Still Trying To “Bump Off” Overperformer Barbara Comstock

Democrats are in for a rather amazing surprise if they think VA-10 are easy pickings, as Comstock knows her home district better than any outsider. 

Democrat Wendy Gooditis Is No Stranger To Hypocrisy, That’s For Sure

Delegate Wendy Gooditis from northern Virginia has shown her shameless hypocrisy by voting in favor of people she opposed during her candidacy.