How One Newspaper’s Blatant Youngkin Lie Became the Gospel Truth

It’s indisputable at this point that the overwhelming majority of the mainstream media has a liberal bias. Starting with ex-CBS News reporter Bernie Goldberg’s seminal work “Bias,” the contemporary legacy media’s liberal proclivities are thoroughly documented. Fortunately, for conservative Americans, there’s been an explosion in alternative news and commentary outlets that offer a balance previously […]

Dominion’s Involvement in Governor’s Race Greater Than Previously Thought

Back in October, Bacon’s Rebellion wrote in detail about a $200,000 donation by Dominion Energy to Virginia Accountability PAC, a benign-sounding but nefarious super PAC determined to keep Glenn Youngkin out of the governor’s office by any means necessary. The PAC had a particularly dastardly plot, even by the low standards we’ve come to expect […]

Early Marks From CNU Wason Show Youngkin Approval at 41%

With the Virginia General Assembly at the crossover, the bureaucracy is picking winners and losers quickly. First and foremost is a new poll from the Christopher Newport University Wason Center showing Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin at 41/43 after what could only be termed as a relentless assault on Youngkin’s character and reputation by House and Senate […]

Tucker Carlson Tells the Nation What Really Happened in Virginia

In case you missed it — Tucker Carlson unleashed an eloquently scathing attack against Democrats who blamed Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin for a monstrous blizzard. Note: Ralph Northam is still governor. Youngkin won’t assume office until January 15th. Watch the latest video at Meanwhile, Northam blamed drivers for getting stranded, even though the debacle […]

The ‘Republican Party’s’ Biggest Fail of 2021

The biggest fail of the year for Republicans (we’re using that term loosely) came when the Lincoln Project immolated its reputation by hiring liberal kids to poise as white supremacists in front of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus at a stop in Charlottesville. Once again, the Lincoln Project’s tactics fell flat. The Washington Free Beacon further […]

2021’s Most Inconvenient Fact for Democrats

Believe it or not, voters under 30 helped push Glenn Youngkin over the finish line. According to a CNN exit poll, 45% of young voters in Virginia supported Youngkin compared to 53% for McAuliffe. By contrast, the 2020 CNN exit poll for the presidential election in Virginia showed the same group supported Joe Biden by […]

Youngkin’s Ministry of All Talents; Biden Weaponizes Genocide in Ukraine?

Youngkin racks up national level talent while in Washington, the Biden administration is contemplating turning Ukraine into Syria. First things first. Daily Caller has an article on how Republican governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s new selection for Secretary of Education was the founder and CEO of Data Quality Campaign (DQC) — an organization which collected data on public […]

Is There an End in Sight to Virginia’s Tax Crisis?

In 2018, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney (D) successfully lobbied for Virginia’s capital city to increase its meals tax to 7.5%. The 25% tax increase imposed on anyone dining out came on top of the city’s combined sales tax of 6%. Despite its status as a mid-size American city (albeit a hip one), taxes and living […]