Thursday, October 1, 2020

Northam Booed By Fairfax Progressives Over Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Troubles in Northern Virginia as embattled Democratic nominee Ralph Northam gets booed in Fairfax County over his support for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

After Charlottesville

The goal must be making fewer Nazis – and purging them from the Republican Party – not just punching or scolding the ones we currently have.

Op-Ed: The Democratic Abortion Litmus Test

The Democratic Party's obsession with abortion imposes a dangerous litmus test in an environment where they are clearly losing the contest of ideas.

Abortion and Potentiality, Continued…

Moral value for Harman is dependent on the existential ability to self-authenticate, to determine one’s own potential. Moral value for Anglin is dependent on the economic ability to self-sustain, to determine one’s own potential.

Angry Rhetoric Won’t Cure Racism

It’s time we make an intentional effort to recognize racism in our own backyards and stand up and address it.

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney: Confederate Monuments Should Stay

The question is, will Charlottesville's Wes Bellamy demonstrate similar leadership?

Health Care And The Tragedy of the Commons

The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star offers some helpful thoughts on what is driving health care costs up the roof -- namely, the example of a...

Gillespie Condemns White Supremacy, Racism In Strong and Clear Terms

Gillespie: “We have stared down racism, and Nazism, and white supremacy before, and we will stare it down again.”

Op-Ed: An Open Letter To Virginia Republicans

We must oppose any candidate associated with hatred and segregation of any kind.  We must offer no comfort and no quarter.   

Want To Fight The Secular Religions?

For today's conservative, our task might very well be said to consist of leaning back into a chair with finger to philtrum muttering the challenge --"Why?"