There are two key Virginia scorecards that everyone waits patiently for an expects: Virginia FREE’s business rankings, and the Virginia Family Foundation’s report card.

…and we finally have the Family Foundation’s PDF, and The Republican Standard is very pleased to have it first.  Graphs of note?

As one can see, right at about 2005 the two parties began shifting further and further apart (of note, the Virginia Marriage Amendment was on the ballot in 2006).

Since that time, the overall composition of the Virginia General Assembly has been mostly pro-family, but at the expense of bi-partisan understandings on the defense of life, marriage, family, and traditional values in the public square.

If you would like to order the pretty versions of the PDF, by all means click here and head over to the Virginia Family Foundation website.

The hard copies will debut at the VFF Gala this weekend in Richmond, in which case, if you’re interested in hearing from the always-excellent Eric Metaxas, seats might very well still be available.