The Democratic Party of Virginia is now taking another step to stave off microaggressions from social justice warriors and engage in all-too-common historical rewrites. After a recent State Central Committee meeting, the progressive-minded Virginia Democrats have decided to rename their annual “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner” in efforts to help the party discontinue its honoring of slave-holding presidents.

According to a report from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the party’s chairwoman Susan Swecker, announced the Jefferson-Jackson label will be switched out for the “Blue Commonwealth Gala.” In the report, Swecker claims the name will make the event, “more inclusive and reflective of a fair commonwealth.”

Historically named for former presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, the dinner has been long the gathering place for wealthy party patrons and progressive political hopefuls. Party leaders in other Southern states like North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, have renamed their fundraising dinners in an effort to remove the racially oppressive stigma the figures hold with the party.

Swecker said Jefferson’s Virginia roots were a “challenge” in the decision-making process for state Democrats. Jefferson, a founding father, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third president of the United States has long-been an icon of individual liberty and democracy. Yes, a very challenging decision indeed.

It seems that the resistance-happy Virginia Democrats are forwarding their mission with ushering in the “new” and pushing out the “old” of the Old Dominion. It has become apparent that instead of facing the problems and stigma held by Democrats, they just rename them or push blame to the other side of the aisle.

However, will the Virginia Democrats cut ties with other affiliations that negatively affect racial groups within the United States? Surely, being linked to an organization that has survived through the years by terminating fetuses would be on the chopping block by progressives. What about the funding from the political arm of the racial eugenics program started by Planned Parenthood?