Christopher Newport University’s Judy Ford Wason Center will be issuing a new poll on the Virginia gubernatorial race this upcoming Monday.

If it shows Gillespie tied or in the lead?  It will be a sensible-if-narrative-cracking poll that every Virginian should take seriously.

If it shows Northam by 7-10 points?  Then we will mercilessly parade it as an example of liberal bias with no bearing on reality whatsoever.

Of course, the CNU Wason center is perhaps the second-best university attached public policy outfit in Virginia.*  So naturally, all eyes are going to be directed at Wason to call the tie, so to speak.  One suspects that, if the Democratic generic ballot is closer to the much more realistic D+2 than the hyperbolic D+9 polls, we are going to see once again a race that shows Gillespie within the margin of error and way too close for comfort — though a Gillespie lead or tie would not shock a soul.

What is more interesting to the rest of us?  Daily track polling much as what Rasmussen does for presidential approval ratings.  

Should we get to take a peek at the methodology of that track poll, one suspects that we are going to get surprisingly accurate information out of CNU Wason this year… which frankly, is light years ahead of what anyone else is doing (universities or press).

Stay tuned…

* Your humble author is applying to VCU Wilder this fall for the MA/PhD program.  Home team, Quentin — sorry, man.