Resentment and even hatred of police officers have led to staffing shortages in departments nationwide.

With anti-police radicals enabled by one of the two major political parties, enthusiasm for joining the police force has hit rock bottom, even in rural areas.

As Bacon’s Rebellion reports:

The Town of Leesburg had a population of 49,157 as of July 1, 2021. Its police force has an authorized strength of 90 sworn officers. Twenty-one of those positions are vacant.

The COVID vaccine mandate contributed a little to department’s staffing woes but not by much. What’s driving the exodus then?

The primary issue is that the force cannot find replacements for those leaving. There are three demonstrable reasons nationwide:

1.) Relentless articles in the legacy media demonizing cops and threatening elimination of qualified immunity have deterred citizens who previously would have aspired to become police officers;

2.) In some localities, woke politicians, including prosecutors who refuse to prosecute, are driving away officers already on the force and dissuading lateral transfers from other forces;

3.) Those who remain are overworked and leave for less stressful, safer and more honored jobs.