Watch As Stephen Miller Sinks Jim Acosta’s Battleship On Immigration


If politics had a TKO?  Miller put on a clinic against CNN’s Jim Acosta, whose moral preening was on full display during this exchange.

Effectively, Acosta — supposedly a journalist and not a columnist — engaged in a tit-for-tat with White House aide Stephen Miller regarding the proposed immigration bill.

Let’s leave aside for a second who is right and who is wrong in this exchange.  The difference is here: Acosta hijacked the exchange in order to score political points in an effort to make himself the story, and Miller adroitly (and to his credit) refused to fall into the trap of taking the hit as others at the podium during the Trump administration have done.

Miller fought his way out of the ambush, just like you’re supposed to do.

The entire six minute exchange is worth your time.  Regardless as to where you stand on immigration policy or the particulars of this bill (we have our reservations), Acosta’s verbal sparring with Miller was the sort of exchange one expects from a journalist who is there to create the news, not report it.

It is the precise reason why Americans don’t trust the mainstream media, and despite reservations about the Trump presidency, have no stomach for returning to the media-driven Obama-era fawning over every progressive policy as a positive good.

Such are the times, folks.


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