Apparently someone is using push polls against conservatives in Virginia.  Justin Higgins (once again) has the scoop:

A left-wing entity is running push polls against Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie on Facebook, with no disclaimer or identifying information. The “survey”, which is being pushed via sponsor ads from a non-descript “Virginia Citizens” page, is a typical attack tactic for disingenuous political groups.

Want to see just how terrible these polls questions are?

Pretty low.  Not to mention, a total waste of (other people’s) money.

Conservatives should feel absolutely free to click on it and screw around with the Democrats though.  Every click, every answer costs them cash they don’t have — which is why they are pulling out the stops in this instance.

More revealing though is the utter contempt Democrats hold for conservatives voters.  Does anyone think this would actually work?

Too clever by half, folks.

UPDATE: Looks like that came together rather quickly, as the culprits updated (i.e. disclosed) their effort rather quickly:

About time — hope the Department of Elections doesn’t take exception:

Lee Carter, of course, is the Democrat running for House of Delegates in Manassas and Bristow against Delegate Jackson Miller.


Might as well have stacked it in $1s and burned it in front of the courthouse for better effect.


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