Dominion Energy is the favorite whipping boy of the political left in Richmond, not least of which because it is an institution not entirely sold out to the whims of ideology.

In fact, Dominion tends to have one purpose in their existence.  To provide electricity to Virginia families, cheaply, while providing a modest yet reliable rate of return for investors.

Now that would seem to be a pretty reasonable undertaking for most, right?  Not for others, so it seems.  From Alan Suderman with the Associated Press comes renewed efforts to crack down and seize the means of production muscle Dominion Energy:

“Dominion has run roughshod over the ratepayers for years and it is time for a change,” said Del. Jay Jones, a Democrat who is also running for attorney general.

Dominion actually charges well below the national average, with best in class reliability, leading on clean energy transition (just as the Democrats asked), investing in the communities in which it serves (as it has for decades).

One has to wonder if actual rates are the concern, then why on God’s green earth would the environmentalist set want to increase the regulatory burden on ratepayers in Virginia?

Business is bad enough in Virginia.  Why crack down on one of the first building blocks on Virginia’s economic recovery?

The problem here isn’t that Green Antifa really gives two hoots in hell about ratepayers.  They simply want to bully an institution that isn’t fully in their control.  

Of course, Dominion isn’t exactly political.  As mentioned, Dominion is about as apolitical as they come.  They just want to function efficiently…

…and that’s where the inefficiencies comes to play.  These series of inefficiencies that are being introduced as so many poison pills serve but one purpose: to squeeze ratepayers as political pawns until Dominion surrenders to greater government oversight.

That’s the game.

Naturally, there are people who benefit from higher energy prices.  They certainly don’t have our interests at heart.

Problem is, the whole thing makes for wonderful drama.  Given the millions of dollars that have been poured into Virginia politics poisoning the well?  It’s not hard to connect the dots as to who and what (and why).

Someone just has to care.

PS:  Because this is inevitable, I am in no way shape or form bought, borrowed, leased, rented, indentured, sold, bartered, traded, bribed, cajoled, threatened, own stock in, bullied, coerced, flattered, or in any other way persuaded by Dominion Energy other than by argument.

Feel free to invent better ones below.