One more poll, one more bit of bad news for embattled Democrat Ralph Northam as his campaign sputters into October.

Monmouth University comes out with a poll showing Northam with a slight five-point lead over Republican Ed Gillespie, just barely edging out the margin of error while showing Trump at a more respectable 40%.

However, some of more wild answers come when the questions of what issues are driving the race come into play.  When asked about jobs being a driving issue, only 22% said that jobs and the economy were major concerns, pulling even with health care, but oddly disconsonant with the other campaigns.

On jobs, taxes, energy, the state budget, and crime?  Gillespie runs the table.  Education and health care remain firmly in the Northam camp.

Another note of concern for the Northam camp?  Once again, independents break towards Gillespie +4.

Interestingly enough, voters believe both candidates have run positive campaigns with numbers in the high 50s, yet when asked who has run a more negative campaign?  Voters selected Gillespie over Northam, indicating that the feeling is neither broad nor deep among Virginia voters.