Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pentagon Denies DC Mayor’s Request to Activate National Guard Over Influx of Migrants

The Pentagon has reportedly denied Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bower’s request to activate the National Guard to assist with the influx of migrants being bussed in from...

Delegate Guzman Remains Defiant

Under new legislation threatened by a Democrat Virginia state legislator, parents could be arrested on felony child abuse charges if they do not “affirm their child’s...

Virginia Democrats Stop Republican Agenda Cold

Democratic-controlled Virginia Senate committees have defeated multiple GOP bills that passed the House of Delegates.  Chief among them was legislation to repeal Virginia's "red flag"...

Check Out This Incredibly Stupid “Top Gun” Parody Ad in VA-10

"How old do you need to be to understand that this clip is a parody and to know what it’s lampooning? Forty?"

Political Redistricting Could Dominate 2019 General Assembly Session

A list of bills increasing in length is hoping to remedy redistricting problems as the 45-day session in Richmond begins in less than two weeks.

WILSON: How The Virginia GOP’s Convention Nominates The Most Electable Conservative

For red meat conservatives, allowing the 30% who want tofu to win in a plurality just doesn't cut it (and it doesn't taste good).
Convirs Fowler

House Democrats Gleefully Take Money from Disgraced Governor They Think Should Resign

Calls for resignation ain’t what they used to be. Virginia Democrats are accepting money from Governor Ralph Northam, despite the fact that both the House...

Will Virginia Open the Pandora’s Box of Public Employee Unions?

Introducing collective bargaining for public employees in Virginia is akin to opening Pandora’s economic box on responsible spending and financial flexibility. Public-sector unions represent an...

Sears Joins Virginia’s Call to Protect Supreme Court Justices

Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears is adding her voice to Virginia Governor Youngkin, Maryland Governor Hogan, and Virginia Attorney General Miyares call for President Biden...

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Colorado Baker Who Refused Cake To Same-Sex Couple

The Supreme Court rules in favor of a Colorado baker who refused service to a same-sex couple on religious grounds.