Sunday, September 24, 2023

Shenandoah Valley’s Solar Industry A Lodestar For Agricultural America

While the Shenandoah Valley may not be synonymous with the South's breadbasket forever, it can be a lodestar for agricultural America by transitioning, albeit slowly, to becoming more prosperous, and being part of an energy revolution in America, which would preserve farming communities for generations to come.

Election 2021: Are you safer now than you were two years ago?

Here’s a question for voters as we head into the General Election: are you safer now than you were two years ago?Do...

The Myth of Politicizing Tragedy

We should try to win arguments about how to respond instead of trying to dodge them – and limiting our own ability to speak as a result.

If Red Tape Pushes Dominion Rates Higher, Why Do Democrats Want More Red Tape?

Business is bad enough in Virginia.  Why crack down on one of the first building blocks on Virginia's economic recovery?

Governor Youngkin Announces Violent Crime Task Force

Governor Glenn Youngkin met with local officials and community leaders to discuss the recent violent crimes in Petersburg at the Petersburg Library, and has...

Virginia Republican Carries Bill To Protect Social Security And Medicare Solvency

"For years I have said we need a lock box on Social Security to prevent any Congress from using our money elsewhere. The same goes for Medicare," Congressman Scott Taylor said, who is sponsoring a measure to protect the fund's solvency.

House Republicans Crush House Dems in Fundraising

Uh, David Toscano? Call your office.

Virginia Man Charges Police With A Sword, Gets Shot

In a story where you have to wonder "what in the world was he thinking?", a Virginia deputy in Spotsylvania reportedly shot a man...

Key Learning Outcomes in Virginia Schools Plummet

According to a study commissioned by the University of Virginia, key learning outcomes in public schools across the Commonwealth have plummeted over the past...

BREAKING: Trump To Get Second SCOTUS Pick After Kennedy Officially Retires

Justice Anthony Kennedy has officially announced his retirement, paving the way for President Donald Trump to nominate a second, and maybe not his last, justice to the Supreme Court of the United States.