Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Stacie Gordon is a Virginia Republican activist and Millennial blogger.

Roy Moore Loss Foreshadows 2018 In Virginia

A controversial and firebrand populist will not win statewide in Virginia, writes Millennial Ascent.

Republicans Do Not Retreat

Pessimism in the ranks is misplaced and misguided. Republicans have a job to do, and settling into defeatism is no long-term solution for victory.

The Same Old Strategies Will Fail Us In The Same Old Way

Let’s focus on making people’s lives better by fixing issues we can actually solve, instead of beating dead horses. 

Hire Ed for Higher Ed!

Gilespie's plan is centered upon two key aspects: Creating a higher education reserve and implementing a performance-based funding system for higher ed.

Fake News: The So-Called Hanover “Young” Republicans

Fake Republican websites and social media accounts run by fake Republicans are cropping up in places you wouldn't expect... and in places you might.

Sticks and Stones: When Words Gain Power

The world doesn't get to decide your self-worth. Sticks and stones break bones; words do not earn the privilege to harm you one bit.

Angry Rhetoric Won’t Cure Racism

It’s time we make an intentional effort to recognize racism in our own backyards and stand up and address it.

Governor McAuliffe Launches Taxpayer-Funded Partisan Millennial Task Force

McAuliffe is using the Office of the Governor to help promote the next generation of Democratic leadership.