Saturday, May 28, 2022

Is Jennifer Wexton Violating Federal Election Law?

This is why state elected officials suspend their state campaign accounts when they run for federal office. 

Free Markets Begin To Turn Against Universities

Politicizing the matter will not help as students will eventually choose to do something profitable rather than enlist in the ranks of the fleeced.

The Hill: Poland Secures Five-Year Natural Gas Import Deal

As the contest between Russia and Europe deepens, Eastern Europe will search for alternatives that might very well lurk off of Virginia's coast.

The Right Thing, Morally and Politically

There is an obvious temptation to value a Senate seat above our moral standards failings of a candidate. But you know what they say about temptation…

Jeanine Lawson is 100% Right: Every Child Has The Right To Their Mother and...

Irate lesbian couple's 15-year old asks a question she doesn't want an answer to; receives an answer she didn't want to hear. Outrage ensues.

UVA, Implicit Bias, and Statistics

Argumentum ad actuariorum (n.) A fallacious argument that concludes a proposition to be true just because someone trots out a statistic.

MSNBC Finally Turns on the Clintons

Seems like the lifetime pass from the left for Bill and Hillary Clinton has been revoked.

Jennifer Wexton Continues To Lose The VA-10 Democratic Civil War

There's no question that it has been a long bruising couple of months for the sagging Wexton campaign.

RTD: Military Can Learn To Live With Offshore Drilling

It might serve everyone better if the objections to offshore drilling were simply a bit more honest with their reasons and outcomes. 

LINGAMFELTER: To Save Conservatism, Rescue Our Institutions

Until conservatives take up their responsibilities in our civic institutions -- sacred, secular, private, public and political -- we will continue to fail.